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Your computer knows where to grab image links, fonts, and other information but your printer’s computer does not, which is why it’s important to compress all information needed into a PDF file for printing

This wikiHow article will teach you how to export specific data in a PDF to ExcelOpen the PDF in your PDF reader

outsider pdf

Double-clicking the PDF file will automatically open it in your default PDF reader, such as Preview for macOS or Edge for WindowsImage titled Extract Specific Data from PDF to Excel Step 2 2 Select the data you would like to extract from a PDFYou can select the data by clicking and dragging from the top left of a section to the bottom right

outsider pdf

The section should now be highlightedImage titled Extract Specific Data from PDF to Excel Step 3 3 Copy the data to your clipboard

outsider pdf

Right-click the highlighted section and select Copy

Alternatively, you can copy the data by pressing Command + C on Mac or Control + C on WindowsImage titled Convert Images to PDF Step 25 5 Zoom in on the image preview to open it in PDF view

On the "Printer Options" page that expands, you'll see a preview of your image (or, if you selected multiple images, a preview of the first image)To view it as a PDF, place two fingers on the image preview and spread them away from one another—a reverse pinch motion

This opens the selected picture(s) in a PDF previewIf your iPhone has 3D Touch, you can press down on the preview to open it in a new window and then press down harder to open the PDF preview

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