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It provides great ways to annotate the PDF files using different options in the application

Step 2 Right-click the imageSelect "Convert to Adobe PDF

microsoft pdf editor

" The image will instantly convert to a separate PDF fileStep 3 Save the new PDF in the location of your choiceHow to Rasterize a PDF By Wolfram Donat To rasterize an image means to break it down into dots, rather than lines

microsoft pdf editor

The reason you would want to do this is to save resolution; a rasterized image will always look the same, regardless of how big or small it isPDF images, while very common, may not scale well

microsoft pdf editor

They may also not print well, since many professional printers actually use dots to print, and therefore must rasterize the PDF image before printing

These problems may be solved by rasterizing a PDF yourselfThis is a tricky issue because it isn't possible to update a document to use the current Adobe version

The only workaround is to look for an old version of Adobe Reader online or a computer with an older Adobe Reader versionWhere you already have the latest Adobe Reader running on your computer, you will have to uninstall it first and then look for an installer for the older version

Adobe has an FTP site where older versions of Adobe Reader can be downloadedAdobe FTP site for old Reader versions Method 5

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